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Boxed set of Willows reprints for the first 15 years of Wisden 1864 – 1878.

We are delighted to offer a boxed set of Willows reprints for the first 15 years of John Wisden’s Cricketers’ Almanack. This publication marks the 150th edition of the Almanack in 2013 and the boxed set has been limited to 150 numbered copies.

Wisden Box Set

Each volume is a precise facsimile of the original. 1864 to 1877 have faded pink wrappers and 1878 has light yellow wrappers. The books are bound in tan cloth with gilt embossing on the front, rear and spine and cream end papers between the binding and the wrappers.

More information

The Willows Publishing Company Ltd, set up in 1983, is run by David and Pauline Jenkins in Stone, Staffordshire. The purpose of Willows is to reprint editions of John Wisden’s Cricketers’ Almanack to provide collectors with the opportunity to complete sets of Wisden. All Willows Wisden reprints are published under licence to John Wisden & Co Ltd.

Reprints of Wisdens from 1864 to 1946 have been produced by Willows.

Wisden 1896

Reprints are presented in particular styles. From 1864 to 1895 the original Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack was only available in a paper wrapper (salmon pink or yellow, fading to buff colour). Reprints for these years are facsimiles of the complete original (paper wrapper) with the addition of a cream end paper at the front and rear of the book which is encased in a tan cloth binding with gilt embossing on the front, rear and spine.

Wisden 1913

In 1896, John Wisden & Co Ltd introduced a hardback edition using a dark brown cloth with gilt embossing on the front and spine. A distinctive feature of the hardback editions are the advert pages, pasted down on to the inside of the front and rear bindings. All Willows reprints from 1896 to 1946 have been produced as an exact facsimile of this hardback style.

Wisden 1945

In addition, reprints for the years 1896 to 1937 have been produced in the tan cloth style, described above.

In 1938, John Wisden & Co Ltd replaced the original paper wrapper style with a primrose yellow linen wrapper that continues to the present day. Willows reprints from 1938 to 1946 have also been produced as facsimiles of the linen wrapper edition.

All Willows Wisden reprints identify the printer and year of reprint publication at the base of the title page within the book. All reprints (with the exception of 1885 which was un-numbered) have a specific limited edition number on the binding or the linen wrapper.


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Wisden Auction Buys up all the Willows Stock (01.12.2018)

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Boxed set of
Willows reprints for the
first 15 years of Wisden,
1864 – 1878,
published as a limited edition of 150

£750.00 per set
(+ postage & packing)

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